how to avoid airport taxi surcharge or tax at SFO airport?

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Randy (our cab driver) picked up the customer the other day. Customer was so happy with using our service from the airport as he knew that he was saving more than 50% with our taxi service. Our customer was from London visiting San Francisco the 5th time. At first, he had used Yellow Cab San Francisco from the airport with a thought the he would be saving a lot of dollars. After he reached the destination, the meter showed $90, but the cabby demanded $140, the customer was pissed (of course, any one would be). The driver told him about the 50% cab fare surcharge from SFO airport in any taxi that your grab from the airport, which customer was never aware of. And he was not told when he grabbed the cab from the airport.

Customer made up his mind of not grabbing the cab again from the airport.  The customer looked around and found our company. Since then he had been using us. He shared his thoughts with Randy (our cab driver), Randy told me about it. I was thinking what could i do to reach the customers worldwide and explain about the taxi fares. Then the blog idea came in my mind. I want to let everyone know that, it is the truth that if you grab the taxi from SFO, OAK airport and traveling beyond 15 mile radius from the airport. You will end up paying more than 50% surcharge.

As per YELLOW CAB SF website:
"Out-of-Town Trips

Fare for trips exceeding 15 miles beyond city limits is 150% of the metered rate.
Fare for trips exceeding 15 miles from SF International Airport and not terminating within the city limits of San Francisco is 150% of the metered rate except for those trips from SF International Airport traversing through San Francisco going to Marin County or to the East Bay. The 15 mile limit will apply from the city limits of San Francisco as set forth above."  

so its means: If you take Yellow Cab or any other SF CAB from San Francisco airport to San Jose Airport, it will cost you $160 including airport tax. Where as if you make a booking with us or any other non-sf taxi service provider, you will pay $3 per mile. Which will be $102-105.

Save your dollars, don't get confuse.

  • Confirm with the taxi company if they are going to charge the airport tax or not.
  • Plan ahead and make an appointment with NON-SF taxi company.
  • Don't forget to follow the airport pick up procedure and get the taxi number after you deplane.
  • Grab the cab company name, color and cab number provided by the taxi service operator and save your $$$

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