5 Tips on customer service for cab drivers

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Cab drivers have something of a thankless task, especially when their job is to pick up weary travelers at San Francisco Airport (SFO), San Jose (SJC) or just about any other airport in the world. Airplane travel is not fun, and the last thing people want to encounter after a flight are taxi drivers who are not very friendly or helpful. A good driver knows that the last leg of the journey for a traveler can often feel like the longest, which is why they go out of their way to make that experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Listed below are 5 things that a driver can do to deliver a level of service that will get their company noticed:
    •    Call the customer ahead of time – If you drive for airport taxi cab in San Francisco, it is likely that the customer has called to book the car in advance. Rather than have them wasting time looking for you, give them a call 30 minutes prior to the pick-up time. You can let them know exactly which car, which cab company are you driving and give them peace of mind in knowing that you are there for them. The client will generally arrive at the cab relaxed and happy when this happens. It also confirms that customer is there, so the driver won't waste anytime by just going there.
    •    Keep your car clean – The last thing a client wants to do is step inside a cab that looks untidy, or which doesn’t smell particularly nice. A clean car is a sign that you take pride in what you do. It builds a level of trust, and makes your passengers feel comfortable once they are seated.
    •    Have snacks and refreshments on hand – The airlines are becoming more and more stingy in the snacks and refreshments department, which means your client may well be hungry and thirsty when they arrive at your cab. Having a cold bottle of water and a candy bar on hand to offer up is a very nice touch. This is particularly true if you have a longer ride to Sunnyvale or Silicon Valley ahead of you. Just make sure to clean out the cab after the customer leaves.
    •    Be helpful and courteous – Operating the airport cab SF does not mean going cut rate on your service. Offer to help the customer with their bags, and be sure to open and close their doors for them. This all adds a profession touch that will help the client feel like something of a VIP upon arrival.
    •    Be thankful – The one thing that is very important to remember is that the customer has a large number of cab companies to choose from. Just because they picked yours once does not mean that they will automatically do it the next time they fly into SFO or OAK. Follow all the tips outlined above, and then finish the trip by helping with the bags and thanking them for using your company. You will have made them feel good about the trip from start to finish, and that usually means repeat business.

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